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More Information About this Line

Willow Group, Ltd is the Parent company of Willow Specialties, Avery Imports, and Skalny Basket Company. Our goal is to continuously strive to supply a quality product at a reasonable price with excellent service and expedient delivery.

Willow Group, Ltd. is now comprised of three distinct divisions: Avery Imports, Willow Specialties, and our most recent acquisition, Skalny Basket Company. This combination provides an extremely diversified product selection for your basket needs; packaging, floral, gift, food service, and display.The Willow Group, Ltd. facility has 265,000 square feet of space to house our expanding lines and make our shipping and service even more expedient and efficient.

We are very excited about our new product introductions, and about the new directions each of these divisions will take us. Avery Imports will continue to specialize in floral baskets, while Willow Specialties maintains its strength in packaging. Skalny Basket Company will evolve into a more fashion-oriented display, gift, and home furnishings source. Look for all three divisions together at many upcoming trade shows.


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