We want to spark a sisterhood

We want her to shine. At her wedding day, or any other day: dinner with friends, coffee with mom, a business presentation. And you know what – especially with a screaming toddler in the supermarket.

We know that when we laugh and live together, we get closer. We want these moments to last. Let’s collect, share & allow them to live on.

It all started almost 40 years ago

Our founder Lisa Oswald was invited to all the cool parties of New York in the 80’s. She had nothing fancy to wear, so she made her own bold creations. It made her and her friends shine.

Inspired by her heritage and love for family the brand was named after sorelle – sisters in Italian.

Her sparkle was contagious. Our family joined from the early start. And today, Lisa’s daughter, Lily, is our CEO. That makes us a second generation, female founded and female led, family brand.



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