Handed By

We are a product developer, designer, manufacturer and wholesaler, all in one. Our home base is an office and warehouse with a design studio and showroom in IJsselstein (in Utrecht). From this location, Handed By supplies a large number of shops in over 20 countries, even far beyond Europe.

Handed By design is recognisable by the unique trademark stamp in the form of a handprint. Everything we put our hands to is manufactured ethically and is guaranteed 100% free of child labour.

Our collections are developed in our design studio. We continually seek out trends in terms of lifestyle, home, children and the environment, and speak to clients about their needs. Our designers consider all ideas. That way, we create designs we evaluate critically in brainstorming sessions. Only the best ideas are developed in sketches and prototypes. The designs are mocked up during production and subjected to various tests. Subsequently, production commences and the product is introduced.

Virtually all our products are made by hand. That takes place mainly in Vietnam and China. Two countries with a centuries-old knowledge of craft techniques, as well as typically Asian traditions and customs. One of our production sites is in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. The handcrafters are provided with the weaving material at a central point in one of the villages far beyond the large city.



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