Bukowski Bears

Discover the enchanting world of Bukowski Bears, a brand renowned for crafting the most lovable and beautifully designed teddy bears. A family run business since 1990, Bukowski Bears has been warming hearts for over three decades, making plush toys that not only stand as cuddly companions but also pieces of art in homes around the world. Each bear is handcrafted with utmost precision, mirroring the passionate vision of its founder, Barbara Bukowski, who drew inspiration from her childhood experiences and the desire to create timeless companions for every generation.

Bukowski Bears make for the perfect gift, marking moments and milestones with a touch of warmth and nostalgia. As you bring home a Bukowski Bear, you are not just buying a plush toy, but a tale of love, craftsmanship, and heritage that holds a special place in the hearts of those who own them. Note that these beautiful creations are exclusively designed in Sweden, respecting the highest standards of quality and safety to bring joy and smiles for years to come. They are sold in thousands of boutiques, on major airlines, and now we are excited to sell them in the United States!



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