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The Story of Patrick and Company

Patrick & Company was founded in 1992 on the basis of customer service above all.  As we enter 32 years in business, we are proud to say that we owe our year-over-year growth to the support and partnerships with our brands and our retailers! 

We have a team of trained sales professionals who cover 8 states. Our team focuses on guiding retailers, managing the territory, and going above and beyond to provide the best service within our industry. 

To support our brands, we provide sales projections, display guidance, product knowledge, and trend spotting. Each and every manufacturer that we represent, compliments and cross merchandises with the next. All brands are displayed within our showroom to give the retail store buyer a concept that can be purchased and easily transferred to their store.

What our Customers Have to Say

I have known Patrick & Co for 30 years. It has always been one of my go-to showrooms. They always have great lines and great customer service.

Shaun Elliott
Sample House, Dallas

We absolutely love working with Patrick and Lindsay and all the Patrick & Co reps. They are professional, hardworking and very competitive which is great for vendors and customers alike.

Kate Duff

Patrick & Co is one of the best rep groups that I work with. I can count on them to have some of the best lines and excellent service. I need the help of a good sales rep to make my job easier. Patrick & Co. with their fine representatives are a joy to work with.

Mary Ann Day Nicholson Hardie

Patrick and Co have been one of our most trusted partners over the years. They have such an amazing reputation and I’m convinced we wouldn’t be where we are today without the hard work, dedication and long-standing relationships they’ve built with the retailers in the TOLA territory. They work hand in hand with our customers to offer first class service, which is a MUST for our high touch / turning product!

Alec Sammann
Peepers by Peeperspecs